Software engineers delivering remarkable results in measurable time. Quality driven and customer satisfaction guaranteed. You won't need a plan b.

Seasoned professionals with a passion for software development. A consulting firm with great talent. Driven by perfection. Lead by the best.

One IT consulting company to meet every need. One firm that is always available. One company to complete all projects. One simple choice.

A small team with a big commitment to deliver high quality products.

Quality results. On time delivery. Affordable consultants. Great people. Large variety of skillsets. Well organized engineers. Wonderful experiences.

Who Are We?

We are just an ordinary group of people doing extraordinary work. Throughout the year our team is always in R&D, learning and focused on contributing back to the software community. Our most recent contribution is the Universal Scanner app for the iOS platform. It is an advanced QR code and barcode scanner app.

The main goal of Plan A Sofware is to empower our clients with the tools they need to operate their organization at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. Client confidentiality is extremely important to us, and in an ever growing climate of relaxed privacy, we strive even harder for privacy and confidentiality.

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